Sales Tip of the Day (video): Implementation matters

The sales process doesn’t end with a signed contract, in fact, it may have just started. An enterprise sale may take 3, 6, or 12 months to “close,” defined traditionally as getting a signed contract. But… this is where the work begins.

Develop an implementation strategy plan with your new client, documenting the steps and divvying up responsibilities and expectations. Have this integration road not only shows your professionalism but it sets expectations and uncovers key resource issues that either side may not have realized.

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Sales Tip of the Day (video): Demo something relevant – make it personal

Before you jump into a standard demo, tailor your presentation to your prospect. If your client is based in the Southeast, don’t show data or a use case from California because it’s easy. Make the presentation relevant so your prospect can begin visualizing how they will use your product with their organization.

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Sales Tip of the Day (video): Asking questions

If you choose one aspect of your sales calls to improve upon, it’s your questioning strategy. Play a game with yourself – see how long you can go in a sales conversation before mention your product or services.

We’re all proud of our products and all of the wonderful features and benefits. But until you understand the prospect’s situation and needs, all you’ll be doing is puking on them.

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